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Preserving Beauty—What to Do With Your Flowers if You Have Delayed Your Wedding

Wedding day flowers

As a to-be-wedded couple, your worries about your wedding might seem a bit small, compared to the horrifying ordeal people are facing due to the COVID-19 pandemic. However, considering that you had planned one of the happiest days of your life, something that’s not going to take place now, your grief at having to postpone your wedding is valid.

But, despite this grief, this doesn’t mean that your preparations are going to come to fruition.

Your wedding clothes are safe; your family members are practicing self-isolation. And your wedding cake is chilling in the fridge. So, let’s pay attention to the smaller component of your wedding; your flowers. More importantly, what we can do to preserve those flowers!

Wedding Flower Preservation

As a floral company, The Lilac Florist has plenty of experience in preserving flowers.

Wedding Flower Preservation

Because of their delicate nature, flowers do tend to spoil quickly. So, in light of the pandemic, we’ve taken steps as well to preserve our stock as best we can. Here are some tips you can follow too, to conserve your floral bouquets and décor.

–         Use Flower Preservatives

Order them through your local supply store or a gardener or prepare them yourself. Floral preservatives are the best product if you want to prevent any bacterial infection from spreading through your flowers. Either use the preservatives or mix bleach with citrus soda to create a homemade preservative. You’ll need to use a carbonated drink that contains acid and sugar, and a few drops of bleach.

–         Get the Right Vases

When storing your flowers, swap out the water in the vases regularly. And use a clean container to begin with. Also, when choosing a vase, use one with a wider neck, this’ll not only keep the stems of the flowers from getting squeezed, it’ll also minimize the risk of bacteria multiplying.

–         Use the Right Temperature Water

Tap water will not suit. The right temperature for preserving flowers is 109°F–111°F. Switch out the water regularly to avoid dust and scum from forming, and place your flowers in a dry, cool location for about an hour or so. This’ll prevent your flowers from hardening, which is when flowers start molting as they become accustomed to less frequent watering, cooler nights and sunlight.

–         Keep it Clean

Make your flowers last longer by removing any leaves or bits near the base of the stem or anywhere the leaves may become submerged. Any foliage submerged in water tends to rot pretty quickly, creating food for microorganisms and bacteria.

Flower Care Tips

Stay Updated on Flower Care Tips

The Lilac Florist is here to help you with all your floral needs. From wedding flowers to décor for corporate events, we provide breathtaking floral arrangements online for a very affordable price.

But for now, given that most events are on hold, we’re taking our expertise to the online platform so you can stay informed. So, stay updated on flower care by checking our blogs. And feel free to get in touch with us if you have any questions about wedding flowers.

Stay at home and stay healthy. And enjoy the beauty of your wedding flowers for longer. Together, we’ll all get through this!

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