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A Bride’s Guide to Choosing the Perfect Bridal Bouquet

Planning a wedding is no easy task! But for one of the happiest days of your life, you’re willing to put in your all into making sure that everything looks and is perfect, including your wedding bouquet. A quintessential component of your bridal attire, your chosen wedding floral arrangement is meant to tie up your complete look. So, how do you make sure that your bridal bouquet does its job, right?

By following the guidance of the professional wedding florists at The Lilac Florist!

Consider its Shape

From the dainty posy in all its symmetrical, round glory, to the cascade featuring a waterfall of flowers, any shape can be used as a statement piece.

Although not conventional by any means, if none of the regular shapes suit your mood, The Lilac Florist recommends the Boho bouquet, which features a group of wildflowers, with a ribbon tied around them to give it a natural, whimsical look.

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Choose the Right Flowers

It’s a difficult task, given that there are too many to choose from!

Follow this simple tactic. Pick from a selection that satisfies the following requirements: sentimental value, season and look.

So, let’s say you love hydrangeas because they remind you of home, go with that option. Choose a color that complements the overall theme of your event, and pick a bouquet style that won’t overwhelm your bridal look.

If all else fails, choose roses. You can’t really go wrong with roses.

Match Your Overall Look

Keeping things simple with your wedding attire?

Use the bouquet as your temporary statement piece. Opt for classic, smaller arrangements so the bouquet doesn’t look flashy, and arrange for some truly vibrant buds to offset the simplicity of your look.

For example, if you’re an all-white bride, choose blood-red and turquoise florals with some added foliage. Not only will it pop, but the boldness of the colors will make your wedding dress sparkle.

Consult with Your Professional Florist

Emphasis on the term professional—your florist is the best person to guide you.

Not only do they have plenty of knowledge and insight on which flowers are in season, they utilize their skill and experience to create bouquets that match your mood and style perfectly.

At The Lilac Florist, we’re often the ones left in charge of wedding floral arrangements completely. And more often than not, we’re able to wow our clients with the final results.

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Getting Excited?

Do your research on the flowers in season and scour our gallery to pick and choose which fresh flower wedding bouquet would suit your wedding theme. Prepare well for the happiest event of the season!

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