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6 Stunning Winter Wedding Ideas For Flower Arrangements

Winter Wedding Ideas

Have a wedding in the winter? Flowers that are traditionally used in weddings may not bloom in the winter, but there are plenty of other dazzling options that you can choose from.

Check out our creative ideas for an unforgettable winter wedding:

1. Go Monochrome

Who says wedding bouquets need to be extravagant? A monochrome white wedding looks beautiful in chilly winter mornings. Ask your florist to design gorgeous arrangements with fresh white blossoms that complement your white bridal gown and veil. Take inspiration from Queen Anne’s lace and let it set the tone for your event.

2. Add A Twist of Green

The warmth of evergreen tones look beautiful in winter weddings. Take a cue from Christmas and add greenery to your wedding. You can incorporate seasonal flowers like protea, pansies, Leucojum, camellia and others to your bouquet and centerpieces with a green-filled base. Bring some drama to your décor with lots of textured greenery.

3. Embrace Textures

Make your wedding flower arrangements memorable by incorporating textured flora into your décor. Ask your wedding florist to gather textured flowers like dusty millers, seeded eucalyptus, spray roses and blooming Pieris for your bouquet and centerpieces.

4. Add Hints of Purple

Shades of purple look stunning in winter weddings. They add just enough color to brighten the décor and provide a little warmth to breezy winters. Welcome your guests to elegant flower arrangements that combine winter blossoms with purple blooms like sweet peas, hellebore, clematis, and others your florist finds.

Wedding Flower Arrangements

5. Mix In Some Darkness

Infuse some personality to your white wedding with some dark accents. Contrast the white of your dress with flowers of dark color palettes. Tell your florist to get creative and combine with dark greens, blues, and deep purple blooms in your centerpieces and bouquets.

6. Add Amaranthus

So maybe dark palettes aren’t your thing and you’re looking for ways to add some brightness to a dreary winter morning. Why not accent your flower arrangements with amaranth blooms? Amaranth comes in deep shades like burgundy and blood reds. It adds the perfect amount of blush to ivory wedding bouquets and flower arrangements.

If you’re having a hard time coming up with flower arrangements for your big day, leave it to the professionals. The Lilac Florist offers exquisite flower arrangements, bouquets, and décor for weddings.

Get in touch with us and share your vision; we’ll make sure it becomes a reality. Contact us today at 408-483-124-6.

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